Open Position Node/React developer

Develop our internal tools with the best customised solutions. Discuss, debate and find the best solution to each problem alongside our Cluj-Napoca team.


Job Description


  • Help develop the internal tools
  • Take initiative and propose, lead and implement new ideas 
  • Create technical documentation when needed
  • Be an advocate of quality
  • Communicate with the team openly and in a timely manner, to achieve the best results
  • Diagnose and fix bugs and performance bottlenecks for performance that feels native
  • Help on other areas of the system when needed
  • Work with Jira to track progress 


  • Experienced in NodeJS
  • Experience with React and Redux
  • Must have: GraphQL, Mongo, Postgres, Apollo, Express
  • Good attention to details
  • Up to date with the latest versions of React (hooks) and JS (Es6/7)
  • Nice to have: Experience with Docker
  • Familiar with Microservices 
  • Familiar with NodeJs testing frameworks like Jest

Why work with us?

FoodStyles is built on continuous improvement, transparency and maximum momentum. We've built a company we truly love working for, and we think you will love it too.

Fast and data-driven decision making

Building on sound data is the norm. Many decision are based on assumptions, experience and intuition in order to keep momentum. Being clear about what the grounds are for decisions creates faster and more precise learning.

Encouraging debate and avoiding compromise

Encouraging passionate factual disagreement while avoiding consensus creates faster and better learning. The best solutions are often just based on just one side of the argument and requires you to get behind someone else’s idea.

Be authentic and good

Bureaucracy and politics are needed when people lack purpose and passion. It slows you down, costs money and decreases quality. Being authentic means embracing mistakes, disagreements and learning in order to fulfill a purpose. Trying to do good and assuming that other people have good intentions creates positive energy.

Work happier

While we encourage people to come to the office, you can work from any place where you are the happiest and most productive.

We offer a very competitive, above market salary, also the possibility to get share options after a trial period.

Get in touch

We would love to hear about you, your background and what you've been up to recently. It takes less than 3 minutes.

If you know somebody that we’ll hire, you will be rewarded €2000 
(only applies for developer positions)