Never see coriander again.

You're not fussy, you're discerning. When it comes to food, you know what you like and what you don't. We respect that. That's why every 'FoodStyle' is totally personalised – so, if you don't want to see a particular ingredient, just filter it out. 

Embrace being picky and search your way

Avoiding certain ingredients and dish-types can be a hassle when eating out. By creating a food style, you can add the things you want to avoid before you search, ensuring you only match with dishes that you know you will love. 

Customise your food style by adding preferences; dish-types, food groups, cuisines or avoid certain ingredients.

Add a budget and travel time and start exploring a range of matching dishes curated for your dietary needs. 

Discover incredible dishes

After matching with a range of dishes from nearby restaurants, you can either go ahead and get in touch with the venue, or you can explore the detailed list of ingredients of each dish to ensure they match up to your preferences. 

Use our taste-rating provided by fellow diners to help you choose which dish you'd like. Dig into the venue's menu to explore more matching dishes and start eating out your way.