Open remote position Remote Menu Curator / Food Specialist

We are searching for people who have a deep understanding of food ingredients and how food is prepared and cooked.

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Job Description

Do you have a deep understanding of how food is prepared and cooked? Are you passionate about food ingredients? Join us at FoodStyles. We're searching for food enthusiasts with a deep understanding of the industry.

We are a London-based tech startup creating an app that pairs people with a curated list of dishes they can choose from depending on their cravings and lifestyle.

As a Menu Curator, you will work remotely (from home) daily and collaborate with our team. You will be given a list of restaurants, menus, and dozens of dishes that need to be categorized. You should be able to use our tools to list every ingredient used in each dish and classify it using a categorization system we developed.

Must have relevant experience as follows:

  • Currently looking for candidates who can speak Italian or Greek.
  • Bachelor's Degree in Hotel & Restaurant Management, Food Technology, Nutrition, Culinary Arts/Gastronomy (we want a bonafide foodie!)
  • Direct experience working with ingredients, dishes, and menus.
  • Ability to breakdown dishes and recipes into ingredients and components.
  • A deep understanding of food ingredients.
  • Experience with Western, Eastern, and Middle Eastern menus, dishes, and recipes.
  • Experience with creating menus and developing recipes.
  • A deep understanding of how dietary and allergy requirements affect the composition of a dish.
  • Have the desire to work with a forward-thinking and disruptive food-tech startup.
  • Forward-thinking who can suggest new ways of defining and understanding food and recipes can also help improve the internal categorization system.
  • Have the ability to work remotely and to be self-motivating (as our HQ is based in London), and can converse well in English
  • You need to have strong attention to detail.
  • Familiar with Google Workspace (Docs/Sheets/Meet) / Google Chrome / Discord


  • 100% remote work/work from home (no commute).
  • Full-time (with optional overtime).
  • Flexible time (must complete 40 hours per week).

Please get in touch if you are looking for a new position with more flexibility and working on a fantastic project.

Why work with us?

FoodStyles is built on continuous improvement, transparency and maximum momentum. 

Fast decision making. Driven by data.

We use data to get to a decision. That way, we sustain maximum momentum and create immediate actions from every meeting. This makes for a fast paced environment which is rewarding for those who want to learn and progress quickly.

Be authentic. Do good.

We always strive to give good energy and assume good intentions. This is what creates an open and trusting working environment at FoodStyles.

More debate. Less compromise.

We encourage open communication and debate to avoid sub-optimal compromises. You’ll always be expected to share your view so we can gather a range of perspectives to propel forward.

Work remotely.

You're free to work from any place where you feel happy and most productive.