The taste of freedom.

Finding dishes in restaurants to match your diet, lifestyle or craving can be a hassle. Now it doesn't have to be.

Find the food you want with millions of restaurant dishes filtered just for you.

Making eating simple.

FoodStyles exists to make finding the food you want as simple as can be.

With millions of dishes and thousands of places in the UK to eat them. Now there’s a simpler way to find the one you want.

FoodStyles is an easy-to-use app that will sift through thousands of restaurants, diners, delis, cafes & coffee shops to find the dish you can eat (according to your dietary preferences) and want to eat (ahem, what you’re belly wants).

FoodStyles will tell you exactly where to get your dish, and what ingredients are in it. So if you want to eat out, we’ll connect you to the food you’ll love.

Eating out, easy as 1-2-3.

  1. Filter out anything you can't (or won't) eat and filter in any cuisine, course or dish you want to eat.
  2. We’ll serve up a list of restaurants near you with the dishes that match your food needs.
  3. Eat. Follow directions to the restaurant, and enjoy the food you want to eat.

Customisable in every way.

We believe the best way to eat is your way.

Are you vegetarian, kosher, or keto?
Or perhaps your vegan but hate tofu?
Maybe you’re usually meat-free but tonight is steak night?

  • Personalised

    Every Food Style setting is completely personalised to you. Make your search as specific or unspecific as you want.

  • Adjustable

    Life changes and so does your diet. You can adjust your Food Style anytime, and easily swipe between them.

  • Movable

    We’ll find the food you want, wherever you want to go. Search restaurants from your front door to your entire area. Or pick a specific location you want to go to.

What's your Food Style?

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