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It's time to have FUN finding meals that serve your diverse tastes and diets.

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We get it.

This week you're plant-based, but on Saturday, you want a sirloin steak. Typically, you follow a vegetarian diet, except when it comes to Friday fish and chips. We believe that in the 21st century, flexitarians should have access to a range of delectable meals tailored to their changing tastes and budgets, all within seconds. And guess what? Now you can. 

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Versatile dining made simple

What's great about FoodStyles is that you can establish multiple styles, customise them, and effortlessly switch between them. This flexibility allows you to embrace a number of dietary styles, whether it's pescetarian, vegetarian, or vegan. One day, you might be craving meat-based dishes in Shoreditch, and the next, you're excited to explore vegan delights in Soho. Plus, you can tweak each preset to your liking, excluding any items you're not fond of, whether that's peanuts, coriander, or even gluten, and including any items or ingredients you particularly enjoy. If we're ever uncertain whether a dish contains a non-diet-friendly ingredient, we'll flag it with warnings so you can seek clarification from the restaurant.

FoodStyles is here to help you discover scrumptious meals tailored to your tastes.

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