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We get it.

Following a pork-free diets isn't always as easy or enjoyable as it could be. We understand how disheartening it can be when you're offered dishes containing pork elements, like bacon bits or lard. We also recognise that relying solely on turkey and chicken can get tiresome. In the 21st century, we believe that people maintaining pork-free diets should have the ability to explore a vast array of meals that satisfy their tastes and budgets, all within moments – and now, you can.

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Simply select Pork-free as your Food Style, and we'll display all the appropriate pork-free meals available nearby, or in your chosen location. Our pork-free preset is incredibly strict by default, so we won't showcase dishes we know containing any type of pork (or bacon!) unless you opt to include them. But if there are specific ingredients you'd like to include or exclude, just tweak the settings, and we'll display the relevant dishes. If we're unsure if a dish includes pork, we'll flag it with warnings so you can ask the restaurant for guidance. Feel free to flip to another preset like No red meat or Vegetarian or any other custom diet anytime you fancy.

FoodStyles is all about helping you find mouth-watering pork-free meals that are just your style.

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