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We get it.

Following a low FODMAP diet is challenging at the best of times. We understand that it's frustrating when you're offered dishes with high FODMAP ingredients, like garlic and mushrooms, which can trigger uncomfortable symptoms. We believe that in the 21st century, those on low FODMAP diets should be able to discover a variety of meals that suit their tastes and budgets, all within seconds. And now, you can.

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Simply select Low FODMAP as your Food Style, and we'll show you all the enticing, low FODMAP meals available near you. Our low FODMAP preset is quite strict by default, but as you return to eating normally, you might want to reintroduce certain food groups like fruits or mushrooms, which you can easily adjust in your settings. Our app is designed with the help of food scientists, so we won't show you dishes that we know contain high FODMAP ingredients like asparagus unless you specify to include them. If we're unsure if a dish includes a non-low FODMAP ingredient, we'll flag it with warnings so you can ask the restaurant for guidance.  Once you're done with low FODMAP feel free to flip to another preset like Low sugar or Dairy-free or any other custom diet anytime you fancy.

FoodStyles is all about helping you find low FODMAP meals that are just your style.

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