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We get it.

Finding great fish-free alternatives can be a real challenge, right? It's so frustrating when you're offered dishes with shrimp or lobster, and seriously, who wants chicken as the only option every single time? We believe that people following fish-free diets deserve a whole range of dishes that match their preferences and budgets. And guess what? Now you can.

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Simply select Fish-free as your FoodStyle, and we'll present all the fish-free meals available near you or in your selected area. Our fish-free preset is quite strict by default, ensuring dishes without any hidden fish or seafood ingredients. If you have specific ingredients you'd like to include or exclude, simply adjust the settings, and we'll showcase the appropriate dishes. Our app, designed with the expertise of food scientists, is highly informed. If we're unsure if a dish includes any type of fish ingredient, we'll flag it with warnings, so you can ask the restaurant for guidance. Feel free to switch to another preset like Paleo or No red meat, or any other custom diet whenever you fancy.

FoodStyles is all about helping you find meals that perfectly match your style.

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