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We get it.

You don't always want to eat tofu – you might even hate tofu. You defintiley don't want to be offered 'Tuna nicoise' as a meat free option. Whatsmore, it's tiring to see there's token 'veggie option' on the discover it's chips.

This is the 21st century and you should be able to find great vegetraian meals, that match your tastes, and budgets in seconds...and now you can. 

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Standard, lacto or ovo vegetarian?

Select the preset that best suits your dietary needs, and we'll display meal options near you or anywhere across England. Our vegetarian diets, carefully designed by nutritionists, ensures that all types of meat – even the less obvious ones – are excluded. Say goodbye to Worcestershire sauce containing anchovy and desserts with gelatine!

FoodStyles allows you to further customise your preset. If there are specific ingredients or animal products you prefer, simply include them. You can also exclude certain ingredients, like tofu, if it's not to your taste. If we're ever uncertain whether a dish includes a non-vegetarian-friendly ingredient, we'll flag it with warnings so you can seek guidance from the restaurant. Feel free to switch to another diet like vegan, pescetarian, or any other custom diet whenever you like.

FoodStyles is here to help you discover delicious vegetarian meals that perfectly match your style.

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